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New Press Release; Milwaukee music veteran Johnnie Gee seeks respect! By Tyler Casey OMC Reporter Published Aug. 22, 2006 at 5:06 a.m. He's one of Milwaukee's true musical legends, and now Johnnie Gee is out for respect. Gee, who has been playing and performing music since the age of 9 and has been recording since the '70s, has been imparting what he's learned on aspiring musicians. "The industry is lost. People don't understand that great music is something that can be enjoyed by everyone," he says He uses his own music as an example. "I make music that you can get married to. You can have babies to it, have parties to it and play it for church-going folks. It's music about love, life and experience. My music has no borders." Gee has recorded with a wide range of artists through the years. From soul groups to pop acts to modern R&B singers to rappers, he's seen them all. And though he admires the drive of current musicians, he's not always thrilled with what he sees. "There are no more original artists in Milwaukee. Kids aren't learning to play music anymore, they just recreate it." As a solution, he supports initiatives like VH1's "Save The Music," which provides funding for music programs in public schools, and urges kids to take music classes while in school. He would also like to see more outreach by his alma mater, The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. While he doesn't live a lavish life, Gee says he lives comfortably, with homes in Milwaukee and Cudahy. "I live very good. Everything's paid for, I don't have any debt and I still get copyright checks from Brunswick Records." Brunswick Records was a haven for soul artists like The Chi-Lites, Jackie Wilson and Barbara Acklin in the '60s and '70s. It was also the first label to give a teenaged Johnnie Gee a chance when it inked The Step By Step Band, a group consisting of Gee and some neighborhood friends and relatives. The band released its first album "We Always Wanted To Be In The Band" in 1976. After finding out that Brunswick was still putting Step By Step songs on compilations, he reached a settlement with the label and was offered a distribution contract. Now Gee runs his own Sidetraxx Records imprint. He says he controls every aspect of the music he puts out on Sidetraxx, from the playing and producing to the marketing and packaging of albums. This dedication is something Gee thinks is missing from younger artists, who he says just want to get paid as quickly as possible. "You have to put something in to get something out. This industry isn't free." The main thing Gee always emphasizes is the need to control publishing. He says that mix tapes, which hip-hop artists have been making and distributing for a long time, are a false path to success in the music business. "Those mix tapes are a waste of time because you don't own anything. You don't have to get any label clearances (from samples or other artists making guest appearances) but there's no publishing. Owning your publishing is the only way to truly own your music." For now, he's got a recently released EP titled "It's A Thinline," which features new material as well as older songs and was just released as a follow up to last year's "One More Time." What he's most proud of after 37 years of playing music is the ability to touch fans young and old. "Older people remember us, and they're telling their kids, 'This is real music.'" Brunswick Records to Release Classic Soul Recordings Used to Launch Platinum Albums by Beyonce, Joss Stone and Paul Wall Top 40 R&B Singles 1966–1975 double disc remastered collection. New York, NY (PRWEB) August 9, 2006 -- Brunswick Records today announced that on July 11, soul music fans will be able to purchase the long-awaited “Brunswick Top 40 R&B Singles 1966-1975” collection. Brunswick, along with sister label Dakar, was home to some of the greatest R&B artists from the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s, including Tyrone Davis, the Chi-Lites, Barbara Acklin The Young-Holt Unlimited, and The Step By Step Band just to name a few. From Jackie Wilson’s “Higher & Higher” to Willie Henderson’s “Funky Chicken,” the “Brunswick Top 40 R&B Singles 1966-1975” collection is a treasure trove of very popular and hard to find genuine soul classics. Younger consumers will instantly recognize many of the tracks from recent recordings by Joss Stone, Paul Wall and Beyonce, who sampled the Chi-Lites’ 1970 hit “Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)” to create her Grammy-nominated “Crazy in Love.” Under the leadership of Nat Tarnopol and Carl Davis, Brunswick rose to become one of the most important R&B labels of the classic soul era. This collection of 40 hit songs is a great representation of the hundreds of gems produced by Brunswick from 1966 to 1975. With over 20 top 10 recordings, six number one smashes and very rare photographs, this double CD set is an automatic staple in every soul music fan’s collection. Retail giants Wal-Mart and Circuit City will be featuring “Brunswick Top 40 R&B Singles 1966-1975” on sale the day of its release. Step By Step Band Featuring; Johnnie Gee. He’s the man in the band who made the Midwest the legendary Northern Soul spot that it is, and he has scored 14 chart songs during his long career, but Johnnie Gee remains something of a “Legend” to many R&B and Soul fans who know his songs by heart but often don’t know the man singing them. From 1975 – 1981 Johnnie Gee recorded and started his career at the famous Brunswick Records, who at that time had stars like, Barbra Acklin, The Chilites, Bonannon, Tyrone Davis, and many more. Brunswick Records is set to release their Soul compilation of all the hits from the 70’s With many songs recorded by, Jackie Wilson, Eugene Records, The Chilites, Step By Step Band, Willie Henderson’s “Funky Chicken,” and many more. Though his recording career, Johnnie Gee has continued to be one of the most influential soul artists of the last quarter century. The longevity of and increase in his popularity is due in large part to the rare combination of gifts he possessed. Johnnie Gee started at the young age of 13, with a Brunswick Records, a major record label with top 20 hit records back in the early 70’s and today! As a producer, song writer, music agent and professional entertainer, Johnnie Gee has kept his chops up for 37 years, and the new EP release is another bar to put on the shoulders of ‘The General of Soul’. Johnnie Gee is a talented songwriter with the ability to write songs that’s provided, in a secular format, the depth of the most heartfelt Soul music; and he was a remarkable song stylist who defined (or redefined) nearly every song he touched in his career. At their peak, Johnnie Gee & The Step By Step Band was perhaps the most consistent song writers in Soul Music out of the Midwest. They had the best producer in the business Eddie Parnell, some of the most infectious material of the early 70s and perhaps the smoothest falsetto lead vocalist in Johnnie Gee. “Cash Money,” “So very near you,” “Roses” and “People” all rocketed up the Pop and Soul charts, and immediately made the Step By Step Band the most sought after Northern Soul & Pop artists around the country in the Mid 70’s. The group’s seamless harmonies and Johnnie Gee falsetto blended magically with Step By Step's lush production and their smooth style.. By any measurement, Step By Step Band must be considered one of the most important Soul Music groups of the past 30 years. Originally a regionally popular group in the Midwest the group was together for a three years before getting a contract with Brunswick Records. Their first album on Brunswick Records was titled, 'I Always Wanted To Be In The Band', the LP was a masterpiece highlighted by Eddie Parnell & Benny Clark’s master composition, “Cash Money.” Formed in the late 60s in Milwaukee, the Step By Step Band first achieved some regional attention in 1971 with the popular song “She's Gone,” most notable for its contrast to the luscious work that they would record a year later with Brunswick Records. Their Brunswick Records eponymous debut was a playful fun song performed by the whole band and vocals by Jerome Gee, Greg Emmerson, Greg McDonald and Johnnie Gee titled: "I Always Wanted To Be In The Band", containing a basket of marvelous compositions by Johnnie Gee, Step By Step and co-writer Benny Clark, that would become soul standards covered by other artists for the next 30 years. That's why it's important to possess the 1976 10-track Classic Soul LP that spans Johnnie Gee's entire career in bringing you his Brunswick Records hits and best songs for your private collection. This classic LP sell in Japan for $22.00, Dustygrooves.com $14.00, but by acting now you can save $4.00 by purchasing this collector's LP, to pass on thru generations for $12.97. Visit Johnnie Gee at any of these links: Johnnie Gee’s, previews, spins, tags and stats; http://blogs.icerocket.com/search?q=author%3A%22John+Gee%22 Johnnie Gee’s latest press; http://onmilwaukee.com/music/articles/johnniegee.html Johnnie Gee New EP release video clip; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1394443353490961736&hl=en Johnnie Gee’s Historical video clip; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1453429009223794048&hl=en Milwaukee’s Step By Step Band (History) http://www.onmilwaukee.com/music/bands/band-830.html Johnnie Gee’s Ringtones: http://johnniegee.mstore.xingtone.com Thank, you Johnnie Gee P.S, Pick up a copy of the new release, “Thinline” it’s another soon to be hit! Watch the video advertisement, get your CD's@ http://www.gecomgroup.net Gecom is havibg a special pre-sale on the new release "Thinline", buy yours now for only $5.99

New Press Release July 7th 2006: Brunswick Records To Release Classic Soul Recordings Used To Launch Platinum Albums By Beyonce, Joss Stone And Paul Wall Over the years our group has recorded for independent labels, major labels and even our own label, but the only record company that continues to account and pay us to this day is Brunswick. The next time a writer decides to write something about Brunswick or Nat Tarnopol, it would be nice if they took the time to talk to the artists who recorded with Nat. They may not get the story they want, but their readers may appreciate a story that's true. Johnnie Gee whose honey-rich falsetto-tenor voice had thrilled millions throughout the world, the best thing about all this is that, he still got a rich smooth sound, wouldn't you agree? As a producer, song writer, music agent and professional entertainer, Johnnie Gee has kept his chops up for 37 years, and the new EP release is another bar to put on the shoulders of ‘The General of Soul’. Johnnie Gee is a talented songwriter with the ability to write songs that’s provided, in a secular format, the depth of the most heartfelt Soul music; and he was a remarkable song stylist who defined (or redefined) nearly every song he touched in his career. At their peak, Johnnie Gee & The Step By Step Band were perhaps the most consistent song writers in Soul Music out of the Midwest. They had the best producer in the business Eddie Parnell, some of the most infectious material of the early 70s and perhaps the smoothest falsetto lead vocalist in Johnnie Gee. This is a classic Historical Video clip put together on Johnnie Gee, please allow it time to buffer/load, it's worth waiting for, this video clip is in HI -RES., so for better viewing please switch to full screen (Windows Media), click right on Windows media player and choose full screen. Thanks, Enjoy!

Song List:

Step By Step
Cash Money
Cool Days Are Out Of Style
Don't Leave Me
I Ain't Never Gonna Let You Go
I Always Wanted To Be In The Band
I Am A Lonely Man
I'm Glad
So Very Near You
We Won This Time

“Cash Money,” “So very near you,” “Roses” and “People” all rocketed up the Pop and Soul charts, and immediately made the Step By Step Band the most sought after Northern Soul & Pop artists around the country in the Mid 70’s.

This classic LP, has been sold for three generations, and can be yours now by visiting http://www.gecomgroup.net/sidetraxx1.html
Become part of Soul and R&B, music history..

Purchase this Classic Original LP Only $12.97

This is the original recording in 1975, Brunswick Records.
Track title: "Never Let You Go" Copyright: Johnnie Gee


Roses was of the hottest songs of the 70's, that got lots of spins and sales in the Southern parts of the world. With that real, buy playful sound of magic the Step By Step Band made. From every step to the perfect timing, and little Johnnie Gee out front knocking em' dead, that was a history that's soon never to to be forgotten. It's very important that the
older generation teach our children and Grandchildren about the history of music and how it impacted our lives, from the wedding bells to true romance, it still remains in the music.

I hope your getting a total walk down history lane, because the history of Soul has started to rise again, and now is the chance for you to become a part of it by purchasing this everlasting commmerative classic colllection from an artist that has shown that he can still record and market his music to the fullest, to fans all over the world.

Get your classic copy, only 12.97

Listen to the sound clip below, and enjoy the sounds of real composed music from Brunswick Records (Chicago, IL 1975) rack title:
'Roses', featuring the young Johnnie Gee


This is a Players Episode, for the world, taken from 'Johnnie Gee's' Greatest Hits, release date 2006, by on of the upcoming artist from Johnnie Gee's record label Rodney Poe, this artist was groomed and his career closely managed by Johnnie Gee.

This next EP due in September, will show the total diversity among the songs Johnnie Gee arranges, music was never an issue with Johnnie Gee, it was getting the right artist that knew how to deliver the songs, and still keep the diversity of today's music with a taste of the old.

Special performances by: Jersey Ave., this group had the million seller
'Beautiful Girl', in 2000, Johnnie Gee also managed and produced this singing group for about a 1 year.

Players ep` shows that Soul Music, R&B and Hip Hop works!
Title track: Players Episode Featuring: Rodney Poe & Jersey Ave.


New Press Release August 7th 2006:
Sidetraxx Records Records To Release
Classic Soul Recordings Used To Launch
Platinum Albums By Jersey Ave, and many
more artist of the Urban Hip Hop era,

the warmth or your loved one, and siping on your favorite wine.
True , blue and mellow sweet sounds emerging from you Hi-Fi,
get this EP when it arrives, and take your self back to those
good old feelings of love, respect and unity...

Track title: Thinline Copyright 2005 Featuring: Johnnie Gee



I'm Johnnie Gee, a former member of the hot Midwest band (Step By Step).

I'm currently being played around the country and overseas, i have re-issued music by Brunswick Records/JVC, currently i have two songs in rotation with several radio stations online and on daytime radio as well.

Please check out my history and remember Johnnie Gee, has over 100 sites talking about what a great song Step'n is, if you find me at interest in any way, send me an email, im open to any music discussion about making these songs and more sell strongly around the world...

July 21, 2006
Former Brunswick Recording Artist: Johnnie Gee,
he's back, 'One More Time'...


July 13th 2006

Album To Arrive In-Store Internationally on Friday, July 14th, 2006
and in North America on Monday July 17, 2006
Milwaukee, WI - July 14th, 2006: Sidetraxx Records & Entertainment, and Brunswick Records, today announced the worldwide release of original LP titled: I Always Wanted To Be In The Band, by Johnnie Gee and 'Step By Step, Sidetraxx Records will also release Johnnie Gee's first studio EP in six years. The album will arrive in-store internationally on Monday, July 17th, and in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, July 18, 2006. The album is executive produced by Johnnie Gee, and features contributions from some of today's most successful producers in the Midwest.

"One More Time", contains some of Johnnie Gee's finest work to date," commented Paul Tarnopol, Chairman and CEO, Brunswick Records. "Johnnie Gee continues to grow as an artist and, together with his talented co-writers and co-producers, he has created a fresh body of music that is destined to take its place alongside the greatest recordings in Soul, R&B and Pop history. Music lovers around the world will be surprised and delighted by the power, depth and range of "One More Time".

"As a singer, composer, producer, arranger and musician, Johnnie Gee is one of the most talented and influential artists in the history of recorded music. The release of this new EP is a global event," commented GECOM Group Chairman G. Connors. "From 'Baby, Baby" to 'Step'n,' One More Time is a towering musical achievement, that breaks new ground for this pioneering Soul and R&B artist."

The first single, "Step'n," was produced and written by Johnnie Gee and Rodney Poe. The EP is executive produced by Johnnie Gee/Sidetraxx Records.

"'Throw Back Muzic' represents the very best of Johnnie Gee's song writting and talent,
"commented Sidetraxx Records Group President G. Connors "Simply put, this record will be a global smash!"

Exclusive: Johnnie Gee's's First Midwest Performance in 1 year- "Johnnie Gee's: 30th Anniversary Celebration, the Solo Years" to Take Place September 29th on his Birthday,
Performers Set for an All-Star Salute to "Johnnie Gee: 30th Anniversary Celebration, the Solo Years" Friday, September29, 2006 at Ho Chunk Casino (Wisconsin); Johnnie Gee's First Live Midwest Performance in a year to Coincide With Sidetraxx Records Release of his new EP.

"An all-star salute to `The Midwest King Of R&B and Soul', Johnnie Gee: 35TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, THE SOLO YEARS has been set for, September 29th, 2006 at Ho Chunk casino (Wisconsin) at 8:00 P.M.," announced Timothy Butler, producer of the event.

The event will mark Johnnie Gee's first live performance on a Midwest stage in a year. He will debut a new single from his first Sidetraxx Records 'EP' release in more than five years. Johnnie Gee will also reunite on this nights with his original members, from the original band that started it all "The Execlusive 'Step By Step'

Johnnie Gee and Step By Step band members will reunite, for the first time in twenty years.

Johnnie Gee story is the stuff of which legends are made.

It is a saga that began in America's heartland at age 13 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where Johnnie Gee was born on September 29th, 1959 to Elgie and D.W Gee, into a family of seven brothers and sisters.

When Mama Gee, herself a blues lover, noticed her sons' growing interest in music and performing, she devoted herself to the careful development of their nascent talents.

Through hard work and dedication, Johnnie, Dewitt, Jerome, these three brothers and other friends became the hottest band in the Midwest, "The Exclusive 'Step By Step' Band".

The group began performing professionally in and around Milwaukee and Chicago in 1969; later that year, the siblings took their polished song-and-dance act to New York's famed Brunswick Records, the home of Jackie Wilson, The Chilites, Bohannon, Tyrone Davis, Shalamar, Eugene Records, Decca Records, Chess Records and many more that started record labels worldwide.

Any way 'The Step By Step Band', turned the place out, winning over Nat Tarnopol and a label contract with Brunswick Records.

The staff reaction was welcoming , the founder of the New York-based Brunswick Records, Nat Tarnopol, then the most successful rhythm and blues label around.

Captivated by what they saw and heard, Nat signed the group immediately.

Thus began one of the most successful runs by a recording group in soul, pop, rhythm and blues music history out of the Midwest.

You can go to Brunswick Records web site and read the history of Brunswick and see or original LP listed on page 5 (At the bottom).

Johnnie Gee is currently back on the scene with his new 'EP' "One More Time", recorded May 2005 and distributed/released in September 2005, if you like retro soul, pop or rhythm and blues, music with a professional sound from a recording artist that still has original product selling, thousands in Japan, China , Australia, US , The Netherlands and many more cities and countries around the world.

Purchase Johnnie Gee's CD and Ringtones online, simply type 'johnniegee' into any search engine and you will get results on how to find his music.

The original Album that started Johnnie Gee's career has just been re-issued by several large distribution companies such as JVC, Victor Ent, BMG and other major distributors.

This shows that Johnnie Gee has marketed and promoted his career for
30 plus years and still has a strong presence among his fans.

Last year 2005, Johnnie Gee toured with Virgin Records artist 'Brook Valentine's' Dad "Hollywood Hawkman", thru out Texas, and did a lot of media and radio coverage with Deja (Hawkman's Son), from 'Subliminal' Records.

Johnnie has kept up with all the trends of music, in fact Johnnie Gee owns Sidetraxx Records who has recorded several big names such as; Bizzy Bone, Jr. Mafia (Notorious B.I.G clique), Mopreme Shakaur, Gansta Nip, Willie Morrison of (The Platters), Ghetto Boys, Double R and many more.

Johnnie also went to Conservatory Of Music (Milwaukee), Madison Media School for recording mastering music in 1999. and and hosted several siminars, and if you listen to his music you see how professional he is, as well as his music he records.

Johnnie Gee has his own 'one stop shop', in Milwaukee for musicans.

He offers professional CD duplication, packaging/Shrink Wrap, Graphic Design, Web Sites, Song Licensing, Trade Marks, Copyrights and many other legal services for the new school artist.

When Johnnie Gee's not touring he works strongly with other artist, preparing them professionally for the music industry, promoting, marketing, and consulting deals with the majors.

All songs from the 'EP' "One More Time" were written, composed, arranged and recorded By; Johnnie Gee/Sidetraxx Records, his record Label.

At age 13, Johnnie Gee earned his own living as a entertainer (Lead Vocalist), after 30 plus years Brunswick Records
Paul Tarnopol, Nat Tarnopol's son, took over the company an re-issued the original LP "I Always Wanted To Be In The Band",

and JVC, BMG and other companies Licensed the product to be sold in Japan, USA, Belgium, and 3 other major countries.

Im sure by now your felling the history of this artist, in his home town Milwaukee, WI he's better know as the Father of music and the trackmaster to all of Hip Hop and Rap artist.

If your feeling Johnnie Gee and want to 'Throw Back' your music 'One More Time' visit him online and get his EP release "One More Time", it's one of the hottest sounds of "Ole School" and "New School" flava.

One of Chicago's largest old soul and R&B record shops
Dusty Grooves, has followed Johnnie Gee & Step By Step, careers for years, and now stock all of Johnnie Gee's music exclusively.

Johnnie Gee is set to record his first Old Soul catalog LP in September 2006, as well as a new Christmas EP for 2006,
watch his web site for more info@


“$1,000 "Johnnie Gee” CONTEST
Sponsored by: Sidetraxx Dist.,
July 18, 2006 - September 29, 2006

This Contest Giveaway, starting, July 18, 2006, and runs through out (September 29th) 2006.

In order to enter, you must purchase a
"One More Time" EP/CD by: Johnnie Gee,
on July 18th, or before September 29th 2006
Winner's will be selected by (Ticket Code), that we email to you, once you purchased an (EP) copy of "One More Time".

All participants entering this contest, knowingly acknowledge that this a (Game Contest), that your entering, is on your own free will, and you promise as a contestant, you will participate on a fair use basis as a contestant.
No refunds will be given if you don't win, for any purchase(s) made of Johnnie Gee's products,
all sales are final.

This Contest Giveaway, starting, July 18, 2006, And runs through out (September 29th) 2006.
In order to enter, you must purchase a "One More Time" EP/CD by: Johnnie Gee,
on July 18th, or before September 29th 2006. Winner's will be selected by (Ticket Code),
that we will email to you, once you purchased a (EP) copy of "One More Time",
or other products from his website.

Attached to this email is CD Cover and LP image of past and present releases.

Thanks for reviewing my press release, BIO and listening to my music..

All the best,

Johnnie Gee,

This is the current EP, 'One More Time'
Track 2 of the (EP) "Step'n"